What do you do when your mom tells you you’re
doomed because you can’t eat anything? Well, you
start your own place where you can eat problem-free!
That’s how it started for one of the co-founders, Abbas,
as he was suddenly diagnosed, at an adult age, with
gluten, lactose, and soy intolerance –to mention just
a few of the problems.
After stumbling over plant-based “healthy fast food”
concepts in Europe –Abbas, Elin, Nyosha, David and Kim
decided to create their own healthy plant-based
concept back in Oslo. In 2016, The Juicery opened its
doors first at Frogner in Oslo and was followed by a
second location at Eger, Oslo, a third location at Bislett,
Oslo and then a fourth location in Skien, Porsgrunn
– making it the lifestyle brand it is today.


The Juicery is all about good vibes, cold-pressed juice
and damn good plant-based food! All our products are 100%
plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free,
and further, are without any additives or preservatives
– making everything completely natural and as we like to
call it, PROBLEM-FREE.
Our mission is simple – more greens to the people!
Did you know that most people don’t come close to meeting
their daily requirements of fruits and veggies? How do we do it?
By making it damn good and easy for you to choose healthier
and nourishing options without thinking twice. You’re welcome!


We believe in the power of diversity whether it’s our
staff or the brands and brand ambassadors we choose
to collaborate with, as we believe and preach that
health isn’t exclusive to a certain group of people.
As a company, we also take the matter of environment
seriously and are constantly working towards lessening
our carbon footprint and plastic waste and by choosing
eco-friendly options wherever possible.


2019 is a big year for The Juicery. We have opened several new shops in attractive locations, including locations outside of Oslo, with more stores to come. We are also expanding our mission in the heart of Oslo by combining yoga, health foods and beverages, floating and various other things in our wellness studio concept Balance by The Juicery, located in the heart of Oslo.

Due to efficient operations and a smart set-up, all of our shops arguably have the best wage percentage and highest turnover per m2 in town. This, combined with a cost-efficient set-up for resourcing raw materials makes it possible for us to keep high-end and mostly organic food products at reasonable prices. With a production facility and a smart logistics plan, we are easily set up to run 20 or more shops. At the end of 2019, we’ll have 10 locations and plan to open 15 new stores in 2020 where two will be in Sweden and others in the bigger Norwegian cities