Due to HPP (High Pressure Production), our juices stay fresh longer and are safe for small children and pregnant women to drink. Check the cap for best before date.

It’s a way of making the juice stay fresh longer and killing off nasty bacteria. It only involves pressure and doesn’t significantly change the color, taste or nutritional content. Of course, no preservatives or chemicals are added.

Sure! Just send us an e-mail at for information or to order.

All our products are 100% plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free,
refined sugar-free, without any additives or preservatives – making everything
completely natural and as we like to call say; Problem-free, because products that aren’t free of these things can cause problems for some people.


It’s also quite costly just to go to the grocery store yourself and get enough celery, ginger, mint, coconut water, romaine lettuce, lime, apples and spinach to make 420ml of juice. Try it yourself! If you then add in the time spent and the machinery needed, you can understand the price. All raw material is bought fresh for every batch of juice made.

Juice Plan

We have suggested an order based on how the body works in general. But it is fine to experiment and switch the order. At the end of the day no two people are alike.


To achieve the positive effects that many people state they have experienced, we don’t generally recommend it. But its totally fine to experiment and combine juice and solids.

You won’t until you try. But you can do it. Go for the first level Green juice plan which has the most calories in it and make sure to take it a little slower than usual, take some extra rest when needed and listen to your body.

Our Green juice plan is a good choice for a first-time try, you might want to avoid the more intense juice plans that are significantly lower in calories. However, if it’s not your first time go ahead and try the others!

You can, but part of going on a juice plan is to take a break from stimulants, poisons and poor food choices and maybe ready yourself for a fresh start, ridding yourself of some bad habits.

We don’t recommend that. But you can drink juices as part of your regular diet.

Some people may feel tired and unfocused at some time and you can experience weight loss. Other than that people experience mostly positive effects.

Absolutely. But you might want to exercise at a moderate intensity.

Since we only deal with natural ingredients, every batch of juice may look and taste slightly different.

We recommend consulting a professional before going on a juice plan longer than 5 days.